Cattery of KawaiCoon

Maine Coon Cats

Official Breed

The pedigrees are issued by LOOF, which is the French national official body for pedigrees. The cats born outside France also have the original pedigree issues by their local authorities.  All kittens born in our cattery will leave our home with a pedigree by LOOF (Livre Officiel des Origines Félines). This pedigree is recognised at international level.


We carry out genetical tests for the genetical diseases known for Maine Coons for all our adults. 

Maine Coon cats are not more or less fragile.


As a professional breeder we control the specific diseases linked to the genes HCM-MC, PKDef, SMA. We ensure that no kitten be homozygous recessive, which is the sole combination leading to effective disease.  

When the kittens leave our cattery, we provide a copy of the genetical tests of the parents. 

Cats Amenities

Some would say that we have chosen to live amongst our cats...

Cats are a domestic specie. Since humans have settled down, around 10.000 B.C., cats have shared the home of humans. 

As a cat breeder, it is our duty to make sure that the kittens are well-socialized ; therefore, the kittens rapidly share our home. Our three kids play their role in this socialization process, and they love their job!

Our cats have access to our house; in addition, we have two nurseries, a quarantine zone,  two recreational areas (one in-house and one external as shown on the picture).